Administering Medication Policy

Our club has a very strict procedure on administering medication.

Medication cannot be given to any child without written authorisation from the child's parent or carer.

The medication must be in a proper container and must have been prescribed by the family doctor or hospital doctor. It must be clearly labelled indicating the contents, dosage and the full name of the child.

The parent or carer also needs to complete a form giving details of when they last gave medication to their child ie. prior to the child coming to the childcare club.

The medication will be kept in a safe secure place while at the club

When the medication is administered two members of staff should be present. The consent form needs to be signed by both members of staff.

When the medication is handed back to the parent the parent must sign and date the form to confirm that the medication has been returned to them

The form will be kept in the child's personal file.

Consent form for Administering Medication

Statement of Medication given by parents

I _______________________ being the parent/carer of

________________________ (state full name of child)

have informed staff that prior to coming to _______________________________

(state name of club) that the following medication has been given.

Name of medication ___________________________     Dosage given           ___________________________     Time given                ___________________________     Signature                  ___________________________

Date _________________________

Consent for the staff to give medication

Written authorisation from a parent/carer must be obtained on this form before medication is given. The form should be completed in the presence of the Manager or Leader.

I consent that ________________________________ (full name of child)

be given the following medication whilst at ___________________________ (state name of club).

Reason medication prescribed ________________________________________

Name of medicine  ____________________________

Date prescribed     ____________________________

Duration of course _____________________________

Dose to be given   _____________________________

Time(s) to be given____________________________

The above medication has been prescribed by the Family Doctor or Hospital Doctor. It is clearly labelled indicating contents, dosage and child's name in full.

I understand that the medicine must be delivered personally to the Manager or Leader.

Signed ___________________________ Parent/Carer

Address  ____________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________

Date ____________________

Record of Medication Administered by Staff

Name of medication __________________________

Dosage given           ___________________________ Time given               ___________________________ Date                         ___________________________

Signature        _____________________________ Signature        ______________________________