Allegation of Abuse Against a Member of Staff

All staff are advised to minimise time spent alone with children and will be aware of the potential risks in doing so.

If an allegation of abuse has been made against any staff member the following procedures should be adhered to. The Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO) will be informed. If the advice given by LADO is to suspend the member of staff the following actions must be taken

  1. 1A meeting with the member of staff must take place immediately to clearly inform them that they will be suspended without prejudice following the allegation. The member of staff must not be informed at this point the nature of the allegation

  2. 2The member of staff will be asked to leave the premises and advised to make no contact with the club or any of its members

  3. 3The Manager and the member of staff must not discuss the allegation with any other persons either inside or outside the club. This information must only be shared on a need to know basis

  4. 4The member of staff will be offered support from the Childcare Safeguarding and Compliance Service and if they belong to a union they will advised to contact their union rep.

  5. 5All information regarding the allegation/suspension must be thoroughly recorded and stored in a confidential and secure manner

A strategy meeting will be arranged by LADO made up of representatives from Children’s Social Care Service, Police, Health, Childcare Safeguarding and Compliance Service, Ofsted and the Manager of the childcare club. This group of professionals will make a decision on the appropriate course of action and the member of staff will be informed.

It is the responsibility of the lead agencies above to maintain contact and update the member of staff throughout the investigation. The provision will refrain from contacting the member of staff until advised to do so. 

If the strategy group decide that there will be no further action the member of staff will be invited to return to work with appropriate support

However if the strategy group decide based on evidence that there has been a criminal act committed then the provision will follow their disciplinary procedure under gross misconduct.