Arrivals and Departures


Staff arrive at the club at 3pm. Toys and equipment must be set out. The register for that day is removed from the locked filing cabinet and the manager will then tell each playworker which school they are going to.

Only a member of staff who is known to the children is allowed to do that particular school collection. Lists are prepared with the names of children due to be collected.

At the end of the session staff must check the duty rota to see what task they have been assigned to for that day e.g. washing dishes. Once all of the tasks have been carried out the staff must sign themselves out of the club.

Finally everything must be made secure l.e. the register, diary, payment book and all other confidential information must be locked in the filing cabinet. No monies or cheques will be left on the premises at the end of the session. Also staff must ensure that all cupboards are locked and all windows and doors are all made secure.


New children will be invited to visit the club with their parent(s) prior to attending the club to enable them to meet the member of staff who will be collecting them from school as well as meeting the manager and other members of staff

The staff member arriving at a school to collect children will be someone who is known to each child. The worker will have a list of names taken from the register for that day and he/she must ensure that all of the children on the list are collected

If a child is not at the school to be collected a check should first of all be made with the club to ensure that the child had not been cancelled. If no cancellation has been received the child's teacher should be consulted to find out whether or not the child has definitely been at school. If the child was at school but someone has obviously taken the child home a check must be made with the childs parents to confirm that the child is safe.

All children are walked from their schools to the club. They must be encouraged for safety reasons to walk in an orderly fashion and when crossings roads proper crossings should be used (if applicable). There must always be the correct ratio of staff when escorting children from school.

When children first arrive at the club they will be marked off on the register and the time noted. A head count will be taken. Later in the session a further head count will take place. Children must only be released from the club if a parent or another authorised adult comes to collect the child.

If someone not known to the manager or staff attempts to collect the child from the club a check must first of all be made with the child's parent to ensure that it is safe for the child to leave the club. All children must be signed out from the club on the register for that day and the leaving time must be noted.


Parents arriving at the club to collect children must sign the children out of the club and note the time of departure. Children are not allowed to leave the club on their own to travel to their home or any other destination.

Only someone who is known to the staff and is authorised by the parent will be allowed to sign the children out of the club and depart with them. If a parent is unable to collect their child they must inform the club that someone different is coming to pick-up their child.


All visitors must sign the Visitors Book upon arrival. If the visitor is not known to the manager or staff I.D. must be asked for. A visitor must never be left unsupervised with the children. Similarly any students or volunteers working at the club must be supervised at all times.