Disciplinary Procedure

The most valuable resource to any childcare club are the staff. It is recognised that through staff commitment and effort a good quality provision can be established and maintained therefore we are committed to providing good training and development opportunities for all staff to enable them to perform their duties efficiently and effectively.

Staff development and training is vital because it allows staff to keep up to date with current thinking and practice about play and child development issues. Also a club is better able to meet the needs of all the children if the staff are well-trained and motivated. Our club is committed to ensuring that staff development needs are being met and that staff training and qualifications meet the requirements of the club and the National Standards.

Staff Induction

New members of staff will be asked to sign two copies of a contract of employment, one to be retained by them and one to be retained by the employer.

The manager will talk through the everyday practices of the club. This will include:- Showing new staff around the premises, pointing out the fire exits and toilets
Explaining the day-to-day management and running of the club
Introducing the new member of staff to their colleagues, children and parents/carers where appropriate

Staff Appraisal

Appraisals will be held with staff during the first year of their employment and thereafter on a yearly basis.

Staff Meetings

Staff meetings will be held regularly. This will give staff a chance to air their views and voice any concerns they might have.

Training Opportunities

Within the first three months of employment all staff will be required to undertake Safeguarding, First Aid, Food Safety and Equality training where neceassary.

Apart from this staff will be entitled to undertake relevant training but this must be agreed with the manager and arranged through the manager.


Our club will endeavour to maintain a well motivated, highly skilled and professional staff team. However, occasionally action will need to be taken to encourage improvements in individual behaviour and performance.

The club will provide a fair and consistent method of dealing with disciplinary incidents. Our aim is always to support and encourage staff, while promoting good employment relations.

If a member of staff is subject to disciplinary action, fair and consistent procedures will be employed: The incident will be fully investigated and the facts established

Investigations will be non-discriminatory and apply equally to all staff irrespective of sex, marital status, sexual preference, race, religion or disability

At every stage the member of staff concerned will be advised of the nature of the complaint and be given an explanation for any penalty imposed

Staff will be given the opportunity to state their case, and be accompanied by a friend or colleague of their choice, during any part of the disciplinary process

Staff will not be dismissed for a first breach of discipline except in the case of gross misconduct (see below)

Staff have a right to appeal against any disciplinary action taken against them

Investigations will be conducted by the manager and staff will not normally be subject to instant dismissal unless an act of Gross Misconduct has been carried out.

The Staff Disciplinary Procedure operates as follows:

Formal verbal warning

Once a formal warning has been given by the manager, the member of staff in question will be notified of this and given an explanation for the warning. A brief note of this warning will be kept in their personal file. This will be disregarded after six months, subject to satisfactory conduct and/or performance.

Written Warning

If, following a formal verbal warning, there is insufficient improvement in standards, or if a further incident occurs, a written warning will be given. A copy of this will be kept in their personal file but disregarded after 12 months, subject to satisfactory conduct and/or performance.

Final Written Warning

If the staff member's conduct or performance remains consistently unsatisfactory, or if the misconduct is sufficiently serious, a final written warning will be given making it clear that any further breach of the standards, or other serious misconduct, may result in the employee's dismissal. A copy of the warning will be kept in the employee's file, but will be disregarded after 24 months, subject to satisfactory conduct and/or performance. The warning will clearly state that dismissal will result from a failure to comply.

Gross Misconduct

If, after an investigation it is deemed that a member of staff has committed an act of the following nature, dismissal will be the usual outcome:

Some examples of gross misconduct are:- Child abuse allegations
Assaulting another person with intent to harm Persistent bullying


Sexual, religious or racial harassment

Being unfit for work through alcohol or drugs

Wilful neglect that either causes, or might cause, injury, loss or damage to persons or property

Theft, fraud or deliberate falsification of documents

Deliberate damage to the club's property or it's reputation

Breach of confidentiality

If a staff member has been found to have committed an act of gross misconduct, they will be dismissed without notice.


Staff wishing to appeal against a disciplinary decision must do so in writing within 5 working days of the decision being communicated.