Health and Safety Policy

Effective health and safety management requires a comprehensive Health and Safety Policy, which fulfils the club's ethos as well as its legal requirements. The policy should be effectively implemented in all club practices.

In order to achieve high standards and continually improve health and safety performance, Our Childcare Club is committed to implementing the necessary health and safety procedures.

We recognise that:

  1. a responsible approach to health and safety, based on systematic risk assessment procedures, can minimise injury and ill health to staff and children

  2. there is a connection between quality and health and safety

  3. effective health and safety management can contribute to club performance by: - preserving and developing human and physical resources
    - reducing costs and liabilities
    and is a means of expressing management responsibility

  4. in order to continually improve our standards, we must constantly monitor and review our policies, procedures and performance

We are committed to:

  1. Developing the appropriate club structure and culture, which supports the concept of risk management and endeavour to secure active participation from our team

  2. Adequately resorting and planning the implementation of this policy

  3. Developing, in all our staff, an understanding of health and safety through training
    and implementation of our childcare legal requirements

  4. Constantly monitoring and reviewing our policies and procedures to ensure that we experience continual improvement in our standards of performance


Children are supervised at all times and playworkers are always aware of what is happening around them. Playworkers take care not to turn their backs on the children or to become too involved in specific activities, which would distract from good supervision

Children are not permitted to leave the main activity area without an adult, particularly when playing outdoors. Playworkers are very careful to ensure that children return indoors with an adult.


All playworkers receive training in Safeguarding. There are documented procedures to be followed for dealing with suspected cases of child abuse (see our Safeguarding Policy) and all playworkers are made aware of these procedures during their induction.

Incidents and Accidents

There are documented procedures in place for dealing with incidents and accidents within the club. The club has an Incident and Accident book and all incidents and accidents are recorded.

Emergency Procedure

There is a documented procedure for emergencies and this is displayed on the wall of the club. All staff are trained in the emergency procedure and fire drills are carried out regularly.


In accordance with registration procedures, children will not be admitted to the club if they are showing signs of sickness or any ailment, which could be contagious. If a child becomes unwell during the course of a session, playworkers should ensure that the child is treated promptly and appropriately so that the risk to any of the other children is minimised.

Administration of Medicines

There is a procedure in place, which ensures that any medicine to be administered to a child has been authorised by the parent/guardian, that a named member of staff has been trained to administer it and records are kept of any medicines administered. This procedure is strictly adhered to.

Risk Assessment of Activities

All activities which take place within the club and during trips and outings, have been assessed and planned to minimise or eliminate any associated risks. Playworkers are trained in risk assessment techniques and are extremely vigilant about supervision.


Any outings or off-site visits are well planned and risk assessments are carried out before a trip is authorized. Consent must be given by parents/guardians for their child to attend.

Personal Hygiene

Children in our club are encouraged to maintain an acceptable level of personal hygiene and there are procedures in place to ensure that standards are followed e.g. making sure that children wash their hands after going to the toilet and before eating.

Maintenance and storage of equipment and materials

A wide variety of play equipment is available for the children to use and is selected by ensuring approved quality suppliers comply with the British Safety Standards. Play equipment is regularly checked and maintained.

The premises

The club premises, including the outside play areas, are kept safe and clean at all times. Playworkers carry out a daily Health and Safety Audit and any problems are noted and reported to the Manager for action. There is cleaning and clearing up at the end of each session to ensure that the premises are left safe, clean and tidy.

Safety and security

Security and safety within the club are a priority. The door to the club is kept locked and only authorised persons are admitted onto the premises. Visitors, other than the named persons collecting the children, must pre-arrange their visits and carry identification. Visitors are signed in and out on the daily register and are not left unattended where children are present.

Smoking / alcohol / drugs

We operate a No Smoking / No Alcohol / No Drugs policy and this is strictly enforced. This means that there is no smoking, no alcohol, no drugs:

  1. on club premises

  2. during club hours, including collections

  3. during preparation time

  4. during clear up time

  5. at staff meetings

  6. at any gathering arranged by the club e.g. viewings for parents