Intimate Care Policy

Children should be encouraged to act as independently as possible and to undertake as much of their own personal care as is practicable. When assistance is required, staff should ensure that another appropriate adult is in the vicinity and is aware of the task to be undertaken.

Children will be offered a change of underwear by the staff. However no member of staff is permitted to inspect or change a child’s underwear.

Intimate Care Policies are used solely for children with special physical or educational needs, requiring support with toileting requirements.

Intimate care covers areas of personal care which most people carry out for themselves but some people are unable to do so because of an impairment or disability. Disabled children and young people might require help with eating and drinking or other aspects of intimate personal care such as washing, dressing and toileting. All children who have intimate care needs should be treated respectfully and sensitively at all times. A child's welfare and dignity should be of the highest priority.


  1. Playworkers who provide intimate care at the club should have training in Safeguarding and moving and handling (if appropriate).

  2. All intimate care needs should be fully discussed with the child's parents/carers prior to the child's arrival at the club

  3. A suitable room or area should be prepared to ensure intimate care needs can be provided for appropriately.

  4. A second playworker should be discreetly present in the room to ensure the potential for safeguarding issues are minimal and to help with lifting and handling as required.

  5. Antibacterial based hand wash must be used by the playworker before treatment is given

  6. Disposable gloves must be worn whilst intimate care is being given

  7. An intimate care record should be completed each time intimate care
    has been given. 

  8. Wherever possible the same child should not be cared for by the same adult on a regular basis.