Breakfast / Snack Time

When the children first arrive at the club they are provided with breakfast or an afternoon snack. The children are encouraged to wash their hands first before eating and are expected to sit at the table and eat sensibly.

An example of breakfast is:

  1. cereal (rice crispies, weetabix, corn flakes, multigrain hoops)

  2. toast (with butter, jam, honey, lemon curd or marmalade)

An example of an afternoon snack is:

  1. cracker

  2. digestive biscuit

  3. apples

  4. grapes


  1. breadsticks

  2. cheese

  3. oranges

  4. bananas

The children are given water to drink.

A jug of water and cups are put out on a table to enable the children to help themselves to a drink throughout the session.