Contingency Plans for Staff Absences

Ventures Out consists of three childcare clubs, all based in Gosforth.

The three clubs are:

Schools Out Childcare which is based at Archibald First School and caters for children from Archibald and also from Gosforth Junior High which is next door to Archibald.

Ventures Childcare which is based at St. Charles Primary School and caters for children from St. Charles and from Archbishop Runcie First School.

Venturing Out which is based in Gosforth Central Middle School and caters for children from the Central Middle.

At each club there is a manager and a leader. Both the manager and the leader have had suitable person checks done by Ofsted.

The leader is in charge of the normal day-to-day running of the club. The manager is not included in the staff to child ratios therefore if the leader is not able to work because of training or through ill health the manager would stand in for the leader.

If a staff member other than the leader was absent – the manager would stand in. If however more than one staff member was absent staff from the other childcare clubs, run by the same manager, would cover. Both Schools Out Childcare and Ventures Childcare has a higher staff to child ratio which means if any staff member is off the ratios are still correct.