Staff Induction

Each new member of staff will be required to read all of the clubs policies and procedures. During the first few weeks of their employment, the manager will discuss the practical implications of the clubs policies and procedures with them. The new staff member will sign to confirm that they have read and understood the clubs policies. They should seek clarification with the manager for anything they aren’t sure about.

As part of the induction process the manager will also:

  1. Introduce the new worker to their colleagues, children and parents or carers

  2. Show the new member of staff around the premises, pointing out all fire exits, location of first aid kit and fire safety equipment, location of club records and documentation, storage, toilets etc

  3. Show the new member of staff any outside play areas, fire assembly points, collection points at the school, route from the school to the club etc and highlight any known hazards

  4. Explain all aspects of the day-to-day management and running of the club

  5. Inform the new member of staff about the clubs obligation to comply with the
    Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

  6. Explain the processes for appraisals, training and development, booking holidays, sickness absence etc.

  7. Ensure the new member of staff is made aware of any special circumstances or child that attends the club

Development and training

To ensure that staff development needs are being met, and that staff training and qualifications are meeting the requirements of the club and the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage, we provide all our staff with:

  1. a thorough induction process

  2. an annual appraisal

  3. opportunities for training and professional development.
    We also keep an up to date record of staff qualifications and maintain a training development plan in accordance with Ofsted guidelines.


The manager will hold an annual appraisal meeting with each member of staff. The appraisal will be used to reflect on progress and challenges over the previous year and to identify current knowledge and skills, areas for future development and potential training needs.


The manager will identify and promote suitable training courses for staff so that they can expand their professional development and keep their knowledge of childcare and playwork issues up to date. Staff are expected to attend training courses as and when requested by their manager.

Staff meetings

Staff meetings provide a forum in which staff can share information, solve problems and raise work issues. Staff meetings are held every half term.