Staff supervision

Staff Ratios

There must be a ratio of 1 – 8 staff to children. Regardless of the number of children there must always be two members of staff supervising in the room. If the children are playing outdoors there must always be adequate supervision.

Arrivals and Departures

Staff go to the schools to collect the children. The names of the children who attend the primary or first schools are on a pickup list as well as the main register. This list is taken to the school and when all of the children are assembled a member of the school staff sign the children across to the club. Particular care must be taken when crossing roads.

When the children arrive at the club the time of arrival is written on the main register. If a child was not there to be collected a check must first of all be made with the school to find out if the child was absent, if the child was at school but not there to be collected the parent/carer must be contacted as soon as possible to check the child’s whereabouts.

When parents arrive to collect the child from the club they must sign the child out and note the time of departure. Parents normally call staff by their first names. Be friendly when greeting parents and if their child is one of your keyworker children chat to them about their child – what he or she has been doing while at the club.

Snack time

Once the children are settled in they have a snack and a drink. The children are encouraged to wash their hands before sitting down to eat and after going to the toilet. Staff are expected to set a good example and should wash their hands before handling food.

Staff rota

There is a rota system for staff to carry out a variety of tasks. These include risk assessments before the children arrive and tidying up, vacuuming, washing dishes, cleaning toilets etc at the end of the session.

Safety and Security

The door to the building should be kept locked and only opened by a member of staff. If the children are playing out the gate must be closed and the sign displayed to remind others that the gate must be kept closed. if someone different arrives to collect a child the parent/carer should be contacted to make sure that it is OK for the child to leave with that person. All children must be signed out of the club and the time of departure noted.


If there is an accident or incident the person who witnessed the accident/incident should complete the necessary forms. We have a named first aider whose name is on the staffing structure and they would administer first aid.


Staff are reminded that any information concerning a child or their families or any member of staff must remain confidential at all times. Staff must be mindful of what is discussed not just at the club but elsewhere in case anything confidential is overheard by anyone. At off-site events e.g. training sessions children’s names or their families names must not be used. The children's records are kept locked in the filing cabinet. Staff will be made aware of any allergies or medical conditions.

Staff absences

If staff are ill and/or unable to come to work they must notify the manager as soon as possible so that alternative cover can be arranged. An Unauthorised Absence form should be completed on their return to work.

If staff need to take time off for other reasons a Request for Time Off form should be completed and given to the manager for approval.

All absence forms will be kept in staff files.

Training Opportunities

Staff will be required to attend the following training within the first three months of their employment:

• Safeguarding

  1. Paediatric First Aid

  2. Food Safety 

  3. Equality, Disability and Diversity
    Staff will be expected to update their training every three years.