Suspensions and Exclusions Policy

The decision to exclude or suspend a child from childcare is a serious one. It will be used only when other forms of behaviour guidance are unsuccessful. All efforts will be made to resolve issues that arise within the service. A child will only be suspended or excluded from the service when all other avenues have been exhausted. The decision to exclude or suspend will be based on information collected by staff detailing all behaviours including frequency, seriousness, any patterns and any other important or relevant behaviour including additional needs, medication, family history and will be a joint decision between the Manager and the Leader and will only be used after consultation with the parent or carer.


Suspension from the club means that the child does not attend for an agreed period of time ranging from one day to five days. The length of a suspension is determined by the manager and depends on the severity or frequency of the irresponsible behaviour.

Suspension from the club is intended to:

  1. provide support for the child and their family if needed

  2. protect the enjoyment and safety rights of the other children

  3. signal to the parents or carers that the child’s behaviour is not acceptable within the club setting.


Exclusion from the club means that the child does not attend for either, a set period of time ranging from two to six weeks or for the remainder of a term. The length of exclusion is determined by the manager and is dependant on the severity or frequency of the irresponsible behaviour and the time deemed necessary to achieve specific behavioural changes.

Exclusion from the club is intended to:

  1. enable the child to achieve certain goals related to increasing responsible behaviour

  2. signal that the child’s irresponsible behaviour is not acceptable and cannot be managed within the club setting without interfering with the rights of others to enjoyment and safety.

Suspension or Exclusion from the club are appropriate responses when the manager believes on reasonable grounds that:

  1. the child’s behaviour endangers his/her safety or the safety of others

  2. the child frequently assaults other children or staff. Assault includes:
    hitting, biting, kicking, pushing or serious verbal aggression.

  3. the child disrupts the group on a regular basis.

  4. the child has disrespect for the staff/the other children/clubs’ property

Prior to suspension or exclusion the following steps will take place:

  1. The manager will talk to the parent about their child’s behaviour

  2. All incidents will be recorded and shown to the parent – the incident forms will be kept in the child’s file

  3. If the child’s behaviour does not improve a written warning will go to the parent

  4. If the child’s behaviour still remains unchanged a further written warning will go to the parent it will explain that if their child’s behaviour does not
    improve the child will be suspended from the club

  5. If there is still no improvement the child will be suspended for 1 to 5 days, depending on the severity of the irresponsible behaviour

  6. The child will be reintegrated back into the group

  7. If after suspension the child is reintegrated into the club but the behaviour remains the same the parents will be sent a written warning informing them that their child will be excluded from the club unless their behaviour improves

  8. If no improvement the parent will be sent a ‘Notice of Intention to Exclude’

  9. The child will be excluded from the club

Immediate suspension or exclusion from the Childcare Club may occur if, in the opinion of the manager, the child’s behaviour poses a danger to him/herself or others or to property.

Parents or carers have the right to appeal against the decision to suspend or exclude and if after consultation an agreement can be reached the club will work with the family to develop strategies to successfully integrate the child back into the childcare club. Additional services will be suggested and used as required.

Other reasons for suspension or exclusion

A child may also be suspended because of sickness. For the health and well- being of all children and the childcare staff, sick children will not be permitted to attend the club. If a child has been removed from the facility for an illness, there will be a 24 hour period during which time the child may not return. You may be asked for a doctor's note for re-admittance to the club. If a child comes down with any infectious disease (e.g. chicken pox, measles, head lice etc) please contact the manager or leader or let another childcare staff member know so that other parents may be notified that their child may be vulnerable.

The Childcare Club also reserves the right to suspend and/or exclude children due to the actions of parents or carers. Suspension and/or exclusion may occur for any of the following:

  1. Repeatedly being late in picking up children from the club.

  2. Non-payment of childcare fees. 

  3. Inappropriate behaviour towards staff: use of inappropriate language, being verbally or physically threatening or intimidating, any physical aggression and/or damage to property.