Whistleblowing policy

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that staff feel confident and are encouraged to reveal any concerns that they may have about the conduct and behaviour of the manager, playleader or any of the playworkers.

This policy should only be used for dealing with major concerns over the conduct of other members of staff that are outside of the scope of other club policies.

The policy should not be used to report personal grievances relating to an employees terms and conditions of employment, harassment, disciplinary matters, bullying or any other matters that can be dealt with under the clubs grievance procedures.

The policy should only be used for reporting with following types of concerns:

  1. A criminal offence

  2. The breach of a legal obligation

  3. A miscarriage of justice

  4. A danger to the health and safety of any individual

  5. Malpractice

  6. Fraud

  7. Improper conduct or unethical behaviour

  8. Attempts to suppress or conceal any information relating to any of the above

Who can raise a concern

  1. Any member of staff who has a reasonable belief that there is serious malpractice, relating to any of the issues mentioned above, is entitled to raise a concern

  2. Concerns raised must be done without malice and in good faith, you must reasonably believe that any information disclosed and any allegations made are true. You will not be expected to prove without doubt that the allegation is true but you will need to demonstrate that there are reasonable grounds for your concern

  3. If you make an allegation in good faith but it is not confirmed by any subsequent investigation then no action will be taken against you

  4. If you make an allegation frivolously, maliciously or for personal gain, then appropriate disciplinary or legal action may be taken against you

  5. All concerns raised will be treated in confidence and every effort will be made not to reveal the identity of the person who raised the concern. However at the appropriate time the individual who made the allegation may need to come forward as a witness

  6. Any individual who raises a concern in good faith will be protected from any possible reprisals or victimisation. Where this occurs the individual should report it using the club grievance procedure

Raising a concern

  1. Any concerns should be reported to the manager. If the allegation involves the manager then the concern should be raised with the playleader

  2. Concerns should be raised verbally or in writing. In both instances you will be required to state:

  3. -The background and history of the concern

  4. -The reason you are concerned about the situation

  5. -The extent to which you have personally witnessed or experienced the problem

  6. The manager will decide whether the allegation falls within the scope of the existing club procedures e.g. safeguarding children, and will therefore be considered with those procedures in mind

  7. The manager will consider the information that has been disclosed and decide whether there is a case to answer. The manager will then decide whether or not an investigation will be conducted into the allegation

  8. If the manager decides not to proceed with an investigation then the decision will be fully explained to the person who made the allegation

  9. The manager will decide whether the investigation should be conducted internally or whether an external body should be involved. This decision will be based on the nature of the allegation. If an investigation is to be conducted then the manager will inform the individual who raised the concern and they may then be required to give further information

  10. The manager will inform the person (or persons) against whom the allegation has been made, of the investigation and the evidence supporting it. They will be given the opportunity to respond

  11. The manager will decide whether the result of any investigation requires the involvement of an external body, such as the police, and the manager will decide the appropriate, if any, disciplinary action to be taken against the person or persons whom the allegation involves

  12. The manager should compile a report that details the nature of the allegation, the evidence supporting it and the results of any investigation and disciplinary action 

  13. The individual who raised the concern will be informed of the outcome of the investigation